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Do you want to teach the messages of Conversations with God to your children right now? We have the answer! CwGforParents.com is now creating a special Home Schooling Kit with which you can begin to share these inspiring messages with your children! This virtual school in a box will help you teach the 25 Core Concepts of CwG to your children (click here to see the concepts), Neale Donald Walsch's Parent guide "Introducing your child to the concept and reality of God," and other materials, including special childrens books focusing on message of The New Spirituality in age-appropriate themes.

The Home Schooling Kits are in the final stages of development and will be available sometime in 2014.

To give you a head start, Neale Donald Walsch's introductory guide, Introducing your child to the concept and reality of God, is available for immediate download for $4.99 by clicking here:

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If the messages of Conversations with God have touched you in an important and beneficial way we know you probably wish to share them with your children and grandchildren as effectively as possible. Neale Donald Walsch says the question he is asked around the world more than any other is "How can I share the messages of CwG with my children?"

This site is designed to assist you in doing just that by providing all the resources needed to share CwG with your children and grandchildren. Through FREE practical advice, personal interaction, Neale's blog, and reviews of other material we hope to help guide you and your family to live a Conversations with God-inspired life!

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When Did You Stop Dancing?
by em Claire

This morning God asked me,
"When did you stop dancing?"

At first, I was angered.

Then, I let the answers have me,
and my nakedness reminded me of
what it has always been:


Why, answered I,
I think it was when I began to follow
every Belief that was given to me
by my parents,
and then by my peers,
and then by any passing stranger."

"I believe it was the moment I began to choose
achievement over Alchemy
and competition over Compassion."

"It was that morning I rose and put my feet into shoes
too tight for Freedom;
when I listened instead of Music, to mankind."

"I believe, said I, that I stopped dancing
the moment I stopped hearing Birdsong,
or laughing with the sound of anyone's Laughter."

"And when did you stop singing? said God. "Or being enchanted by stories?
Or stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?

And I realized, "Every time I forgot: I Am You."

A gift from em Claire, reprinted with permission.
When Did You Stop Dancing?  em Claire 2012 All Rights Reserved
*Inspired by the quote by Gabrielle Roth in her book "Maps to Ecstasy"

More of em Claire's enlightening work can be found here

We, at CwGforParents.com, wish to help you teach your children that they never have to stop dancing, never have to stop singing, and never have to stop being the perfect manifestations of divinity that they are meant to be!

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